Persian Rug Cleaning Perth

      At, Gem Rug Cleaning Perth we have a team of professionals who are experienced Persian rug cleaners. A Persian rug is nothing less than an investment, and also helps in boosting the aesthetics of your home décor. Hence, we take care of your valuable rugs with utmost care and sincerity. Our teams of professionals are well-versed with the right cleaning methods and delicately handle your antique and rare rugs.

      Gem Rug Cleaning Perth possess years of experience in providing incredible rug cleaning services. The dirt and mould infestation in the Persian rugs can do permanent damage, if not treated immediately. Moreover, the Persian rug cleaning process requires precision and polished skills for providing an amazing result. We, the team of Gem Rug Cleaning Perth are renowned for providing excellent services of Persian rug cleaning Perth. We are highly trained and well-equipped with the right tools for providing specialist rug cleaning services in Perth.

      Professional Persian Rug Cleaning Services in Perth

      Taking care of antique or rare Persian rugs is an art. Our highly qualified experts at Gem Rug Cleaning Perth are here to take care of your precious rugs. Our prestigious services help in boosting the lifespan of the Persian rugs. With just a quick inspection our professionals can identify all problems, and suggest how effectively our team can clean them. No matter, how bad the condition looks, we can restore and thoroughly clean your rugs.

      Gem Rug Cleaning Perth provides rug repair service and free pickup and delivery services for your rugs. You can make online booking of our services, to experience hassle-free rug cleaning. Give us a call at 0480027195, and get a quote!

      Persian rug care

      How To Take Care Of Persian Rugs?

      A handwoven and well-cared Persian rug will have an incredible lifespan. Our expert Persian rug cleaners have some tips that help in taking care of your rugs.

      Persian Rug care

      Clumsiness may be a part of your personality, here, protecting your expensive Persian rugs from accidental spills might not be possible. But, we Gem Rug Cleaning Perth have come up with simple yet effective first aid tips that can help in preventing your rugs from developing stains, and these include:

      • Use a cotton towel and dab it over the spill, let the towel absorb the liquid. Avoid rubbing the stains, as it will worsen the matter. Your goal is to contain the liquid and stain.
      • If your towel seems wet enough, use another piece. Take out the stain using the towel as much as you can. Repeat the dabbing process, till most of the spill is absorbed.
      • Applying a layer of yogurt is highly recommended. Let the yogurt sit on the stained area for over 24 hours. In such a period, the yogurt will turn into a powder that can easily be vacuumed.
      • After vacuum cleaning the stained area from the rug, there should be no sign of a food spill. But, unfortunately, if you can notice visible stains, then this method is not effective. Call professional Persian rug cleaners instead.

      Here, it is necessary to understand, different stains are treated differently. For gathering more information about Professional Persian Rug Cleaning Perth feels free in calling us!

      Beat, Vacuum, Sunlight

      Following the traditional method of beating the carpets, is another effective measure for taking care of it. Beating carpets has been practiced in the olden times, as it helped in removing grit and dust from the carpets, while also acting as a stress buster.

      • Use vacuum cleaners for Persian Rug Cleaning. The presence of dirt damages the fibers of your rug in the long span while affecting its shine and softness.
      • Keeping your rugs in the sunlight is also helpful. Let your rugs sit in the heat for an hour or so, it will help in eliminating dust mites and bacteria.

      Rotation of carpets

      Australian sunlight exposure can color fade any type of rugs. Hence, our professionals at Gem Rug Cleaning Perth suggest customers follow these tips for enjoying a long-lasting rug:

      • Rotate your rugs timely, it will allow equal color fading. Uneven colors hamper the look of your house, hence allow balanced fading.
      • Heavy furniture can permanently damage the rug’s fabric. Hence, we recommend using a felted disk beneath the furniture.
      • Our professionals at Persian rug cleaners advise you to damp the pressed areas after you remove the furniture. The fibers will come back to life.

      Persian Rug Storage

      • Avoid keeping rugs in dark and damp areas. Your expensive rugs will grow mould and mildew within no time.
      • Don’t keep your rugs folded for a long time; instead, roll them tightly in a plastic bag. Openly stored rugs can become a victim of moth attacks.
      Persian rug cleaners

      Professional Persian Rug Cleaners Perth

      Persian rugs should be cleaned annually by availing our amazing services of Persian rug cleaning Perth. And we also offer commercial rug cleaning services. Your rugs will be taken care of at Gem Rug Cleaning PerthSo, contact us for availing of our services at affordable prices. Give us a call on 0480027195!


      1.How do I book your services?

      Just visit our website and fill the contact form. Or give us a call on 0480027195 for booking our services.

      2.Do you provide services on weekends?

      Yes. We, Gem Rug Cleaning Perth provide services on holidays as well as on weekends. Feel free in booking our Professional Persian rug cleaning services.

      3. Is Persian rug cleaning time-consuming?

      No. Our technicians are experts at performing rug cleaning in a short time. We will provide you a time estimate before proceeding with the cleaning of the rugs.

      4. How expensive are your services?

      Our rug cleaning services are super affordable. Based on the rug size and dirt level, the final cost is determined.

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