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      Oriental rug cleaning Perth

      Experience The Best Oriental Rug Cleaning and Repair Services in Perth  Oriental rug cleaning..

      Rug Steam Cleaning Perth

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      Rug Dry Cleaning

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      Rug Cleaning

      As rugs are not fixed to the floor like carpets, they often become a quick victim of wear and..

      Commercial Rug Cleaning

      At, Gem Rug Cleaning Perth, our professionals are experts at treating your rugs like their own...

      Persian Rug Cleaning

      Persian rugs should be cleaned annually by availing our amazing services of Persian rug cleaning..

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      Rug Cleaning Process at Gem Rug Cleaning Perth

      For maintaining the quality and cleanliness of the rugs and carpets, our professional and best rug cleaners, follow a process for cleaning rugs with perfection, and here’s how we do it:


      As our rug cleaning specialists Perth begin inspecting your rugs, they identify the rug quality and its fabric. Here, we locate the problem zones of the carpet and formulate the action plan for treating the stains and dirt.

      Best Cleaning
      Vacuum Cleaning

      As the problems are identified, carpets are vacuum cleaned. We use industry-approved vacuum machines for cleaning the dirt and finer particles of soil.

      Infected Logo
      Hot Water Extraction

      Next, the hot water extraction process begins. Here hot water along with cleaning solvent is mixed together for extracting dirt, germs, and stains from the carpets.

      Hands And Gestures

      A damp rug can invite mould growth. Hence, our professionals immediately proceed with drying up the rugs. Using our advanced drier, we eliminate the last bit of moisture from the carpet, so it can dry quickly.

      Final Inspection

      Post-inspection is necessary to make sure carpets and rugs are cleaned thoroughly. If any stain or spot is left untreated, we immediately take action for eliminating it.

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