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      Looking for an affordable carpet rug cleaning service? You have landed on the right page. We, Gem rug cleaning Perth are the best rug cleaner in the town. Our best rug cleaners possess years of experience in providing services of rug cleaning Perth. We have established a reputation with our expertise and wide range of carpet rug cleaning services. Our services are priced at pocket-friendly rates. With us, you will get professional rug cleaning services experience along with assistance and tips from our friendly and truthful experts.

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      Gem rug cleaning Perth is an industry leader and our rug cleaning specialists are expert at cleaning any size and type of carpets. So, if you need the best rug repair perth and rug dry cleaning Perth then contact us without any second thoughts. No matter how dirty your carpets and rugs are we always bring back their former glory. We only use specialized cleaning solvent that is safe and eco-friendly for rug cleaning. We are a legit rug cleaners Perth as we have all the valid licenses, certificates, and documents. For more information, just give us a call on 0480027195, and get a quote!

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        Professional Rug Cleaning Services

        We, Gem rug cleaning Perth offer the most professional rug cleaning services including Persian rug cleaning, and there are several other reasons why you should hire us, and these are:

        • Affordable rug cleaning services: All our rug cleaning, maintenance, and restoration services are priced at the most affordable rates.
        • Qualified and best rug cleaner: We only hire certified and licensed professionals as we follow the industry standards
        • Use of safe cleaning solvent: Our cleaning solvents are safe and eco-friendly.
        • Experience in the industry: We have over a decade of experience in rug cleaning Perth and that makes us a pro in the industry.
        • Use of cutting-edge technology: We use the latest technology and finest equipment for cleaning rugs and carpets.
        • 24/7 Availability: We provide emergency and same-day services, without any additional charges.

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          Advantages Of Availing Carpet Rug Cleaning Service

          With time and regular use, carpets get soiled and stained. The bacteria and dirt remain inside your house till it is cleaned. Also, dirty carpets can affect your health and trigger diseases and allergies. Hence regular cleaning is necessary for the protection of your family and creating a healthy environment at home and commercial areas. In addition, professional Rug cleaning Specialists helps in increasing the overall lifespan of the rugs. And, here we have mentioned some of the benefits you should know about:

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            Carpets quickly accumulate dirt, germs, stains, and other contaminants. Our rug cleaner Perth only uses eco-friendly cleaning solvent for rug cleaning, as it is safe for your family and pet.

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            Homes with kids and pets are dirtier and hence require frequent carpet cleaning. Presence of pet hair and dander can trigger skin allergies and respiratory diseases.

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            With professional rug cleaning services, the elimination of bacteria, stains, and dirt have become easy and effective.

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            The use of highly effective devices helps in cleaning rugs in a shorter period while giving impressive results.

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            A suitable carpet cleaning method helps in extending the lifespan of the rugs.

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            Carpet cleaning services help in maintaining the shine and brightness of the rugs for a long time.

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          Professional Rug Cleaning Service

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          Rug Cleaning Process at Gem Rug Cleaning Perth

          For maintaining the quality and cleanliness of the rugs and carpets, our professional and best rug cleaners, follow a process for cleaning rugs with perfection, and here’s how we do it:


          As our rug cleaning specialists Perth begin inspecting your rugs, they identify the rug quality and its fabric. Here, we locate the problem zones of the carpet and formulate the action plan for treating the stains and dirt.

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          Vacuum Cleaning

          As the problems are identified, carpets are vacuum cleaned. We use industry-approved vacuum machines for cleaning the dirt and finer particles of soil.

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          Hot Water Extraction

          Next, the hot water extraction process begins. Here hot water along with cleaning solvent is mixed together for extracting dirt, germs, and stains from the carpets.

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          A damp rug can invite mould growth. Hence, our professionals immediately proceed with drying up the rugs. Using our advanced drier, we eliminate the last bit of moisture from the carpet, so it can dry quickly.

          Final Inspection

          Post-inspection is necessary to make sure carpets and rugs are cleaned thoroughly. If any stain or spot is left untreated, we immediately take action for eliminating it.


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          Any certified cleaning solvent is ideal for rug cleaning. You need to make sure that the cleaning solvent is suitable for your carpet and rug’s fabric.

          If you have access to the right equipment and knowledge about the methods then you can deeply clean the rugs at home. Else, feel free in seeking professional assistance from Gem rug cleaning Perth.

          There are numerous ways of cleaning carpets, but one of the best is the carpet steam cleaning method. This method is highly effective in removing stains, dirt, and odor from the carpets.

          At Gem rug cleaning Perth, all our services are super affordable. The range of a service depends on factors like the size of the carpet, fabric type, and the damage was done. Our rug cleaning specialists Perth will examine and provide an estimate beforehand.

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