Top 5 Antique Rug Cleaning Tips by Experts

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Antique rugs bring a balance of charm and beauty to your floor and eventually to the entire room. However, with regular or heavy foot traffic, kids and pets, these beautiful floorings may get noticeably dirty. To keep the shine of these vintage rugs on, hire antique rug cleaning services for thorough cleaning and follow maintenance tips by professionals. So, here are these five tips to keep your antique floorings always clean:

  • Learn the Antique Rug’s History

You need to know the history, weaving type, dyes, colourfastness and everything about your flooring before you start cleaning it. It’s essential to choose safe shampoos, professionals and techniques to clean the particular flooring. So, ask the manufacturer, read the care label, and search the internet for more information on your flooring. Once you understand the rug, it will be easy for you to take care of it in the best way.

  • Avoid the Temptation of Cleaning These rugs at Home with DIYs

An antique rug’s delicate fibres, fragile threads, and natural dyes can easily get damaged with unsuitable cleaners and wrong treatments. One bad move and you may damage the beautiful flooring forever. Even cleaning rugs at home with DIYs may result in improper drying, further leading to mould, breathing issues, allergens and germs. Who wants to risk their health instead of hiring antique rug cleaning experts?

  • Train Your Furry Friends to Love the Rug as You Do

Your flooring may also experience accidents by your furry friends. Pets scratch their nails on rugs and upholsteries. Their urine contains ammonia that can ruin your rug’s fibres and dyes. Train the pet to stay away from the flooring to avoid these damages. These are the worst situations when you should schedule the antique rug cleaning services immediately.

  • Don’t Let the Liquid Spills Stay on Rugs

 If you ignore a liquid spill, its particles go deep down the fibres and attach to them. Over time, these molecules weaken the threads, and eventually, your flooring experiences wear and tear. You may use the rug safely, but more dust and germs will attract with these deeply attached stain particles. So, blot the spills with a sponge and lukewarm water immediately.

  • Let Professionals Do Their Job

Antique rug cleaning experts know the handwashing technique. They are well-trained, and their experience teaches them more than any manual. The professionals also use green or safe solutions to protect your flooring from colourfastness and other damage. So, always look for an experienced and licenced rug cleaning company with an industrial reputation to clean your precious flooring.

No one wants their super soft antique rugs to get damaged by dirt, dust or stains. So, follow these five tips and hire antique rug cleaning services for deep cleaning once a year and more if you share your home with some furry friends! By following these tips, you will be able to save your investment for many years to come and allow you to clean the delicate flooring without sacrificing its original charm.

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