Tricks to Repair Your Jute Rug at Home

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Tricks to Repair Your Jute Rug at Home

When you love something with all your heart, it’s hard to let it go. Your precious jute rug is not an exception for this. But the best thing is, you can repair your damaged jute rug at home with a few tricks offered by the experts. Have a look:

1. Repairing of the edges

For repairing the edges of your jute rug, you will need a needle, a matching embroidery thread and scissors. Damaged edges is a typical issue with wool rugs. The fringed edges begin to loosen with time, perhaps leading to unravelings.

1. Allow for at least a third of an inch of padding outside the ragged edge. Begin your stitching there.

2. You’ll want to use a cross-stitch for this.

3. Cover the torn part with this new stitch. Loop it around and complete the procedure two to three times to secure it.

4. When you’re finished, knot your thread, and you’re ready to go.

2. Pop-up Braided Rug Fiber Repair

Examine the shattered rug area. A tiny hole on the rug braid behind the natural fibre pop-up may or may not exist. If there is no opening, clip any stray strands and bind the rest with superglue. If there is an opening, tape your stray jute strands together, superglue them into the aperture and carefully press them down the hole with a long thin pencil or chopstick.

3. Fixing the Loose Backing

To fix loose backing, you need hot glue and a glue gun. Any part of your rug’s backing is slipping away or becoming detached, just hot glue it back in place! It should hold nicely, and if things start to split again, repeat the process. Work carefully so that no glue gets on your hands or the top of the rug, and you’ll be alright.

4. Unraveling braided rug

If a jute rug is braided, the braids may loosen and unravel through time and use. Here’s how to fix one if it’s starting to fall apart:

1. To begin, determine the length of the divided area between braids. Then, cut a length of thread that is at least three times its original length.

2. Thread your needle with doubled thread and tie a neat knot at the end to keep the strands together.

3. Turn your rug over and thread your needle through one of the loose braids.

4. Then, enter it into the other braid, bringing them tightly together. If you draw your thread through to the top of your rug, it may leave an unattractive mark.

5. Repeat until the braids are sewn together along with the separation.

6. Knot your thread at the end, flip your rug over, and marvel at how the unravelling sections have been reattached.

We know that you want to keep your rug in good condition for as long as possible. These minor repairs may seem simple, yet hiring a professional will help you increase the years of your favourite rug’s life safely. Connect with professional rug repairers for more details. Till then, take care of your precious jute rug!

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