Top 3 Reasons to Choose Steam Cleaning Over Dry Cleaning

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Are you confused about whether to choose steam cleaning or dry cleaning for your authentic rug? We have the answer! While dry cleaning can quickly remove a few stains, always go for steam treatment if you want a deep cleaning. Even professional rug cleaners recommend rug owners to steam clean their rugs at least once or twice a year. Here is why you should choose steam cleaning over dry cleaning:

1. Steam Cleaning Eliminate Germs

You can’t see bacterias, viruses, moulds, mildews, and other potentially infectious pathogens with the naked eyesight, but they are all about you and in your home. One of the most crucial advantages of steam cleaning is that it removes these dangerous materials from your house, saving you and your family from damage.

When steam enters surface pores, it uses heated vapour molecules to remove dirt, debris, germs, and other microscopic components. These vapour molecules are so hot that they can destroy even the most virulent infections, such as E. Coli and Salmonella, on your home’s surfaces.

On the other hand, dry cleaning is a quick solution to make your rug look fresh. It has nothing to do with germ removal.

2. Steam Cleaning is Green Cleaning

Steam cleaning is a more secure and environmentally friendly option.

Because steam cleaning is water-based, it employs significantly fewer chemicals than typical cleaning methods. Steam cleaning is not only safe for you, your family, and your pets; it is also ecologically significant since it decreases the number of chemicals that are rinsed down the drain and recycled back into our water system.

When you choose to steam clean your rugs and other surfaces, you are not only removing chemical residues and making it a safer floor for your family, but you are also intentionally avoiding extra pollutants that might harm the environment.

For dry cleaning your rug, you have to choose professionals providing green rug cleaning treatments.

3. Steam Cleaning Can Prolong the Life of Your Rug

While many rug owners think stream cleaning can damage their delicate rugs, guess what – that’s not true. Steam rug cleaning removes all dirt, bacterias and makes your flooring feel like a new one. It’s not only about the appearance of the rug, but this method deep cleans your day-to-day flooring.

Dry cleaning can make your rug look good, but it is like a temporary solution for your permanent problems. When you have guests coming the next day, and you want to clean your rug quickly, choose dry cleaning. Otherwise, steam rug cleaning is best for every rug type!

There are several reasons why steam cleaning has become the cleaning method of choice for most health-conscious families and even medical facilities. Unlike dry rug cleaning methods, steam cleaning offers several advantages. Your rug is a place your pets and kids play every day, so it’s necessary to keep it germ-free. So, hire professionals offering the best steam cleaning and give your rug the treatment it deserves.

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